Winnie the Pooh KIDS Play: Closing Night

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And this should be the last of the Winnie the Pooh KIDS Play posts! 🙂 Finally!


Before the show, I took Emily out for a date with our friends. It was all the 3-year-olds! 🙂

Start of the show

“A Pooh bear lie sleeping safe and sound, and dreaming of snacks galore.”

So excited!

“Willy nilly silly ole bear! Silly ole bear!”

With the director

Paper Plate Awards

Thanks for coming to closing night, friends!..and also to a few who we didn’t get pictures with. So bummed that we didn’t get pics with everyone who came to support our budding thespian.

I love that Creekside Church offers this program to kids who otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to perform in a play. I think Melody has found her “thing” because sports is definitely not it. :p Two weeks after we attended the Alice in Wonderland play that the 4th-8th graders were in. The girls were disappointed that it wasn’t a musical like Winnie the Pooh KIDS, but they enjoyed most of it. I was super impressed by Alice who had a TON of lines.

P.S. Melody will be in the Schoolhouse Rock LIVE! production in March.
P.P.S. We are still singing the songs at our house. Melody has every single line memorized, and Emily has all the songs memorized as well as half of the speaking parts. Yes, I think we have found their “thing”. 🙂


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