Hospital Tour

The new hospital building is opening up in December. They had a community open house for all to come and see it before things got moving along. The girls liked the CT scan room because the lights can change colors or you can have stars on the ceiling. For some reason everyone was asking me when I would be back in the post-partum room. haha! They’re nice, but not nice enough to be an incentive… :p The coolest thing was being in surgery. I’m hoping I will never have to go back there again, but it was neat seeing everything in there. We also got to sample some of the menu items from the cafeteria. Yum! ….also not yum enough to be an incentive to return.

Community Open House

Passing by the ER to the new hospital building for a tour

Front Entrance

Opening December 1

Garden area outside the cafeteria

Fun activities

And food truck

Checking out an ambulance

3 thoughts on “Hospital Tour

  1. how cool is that?! I love that you got a first hand peek at all the new stuff! I think surgery would be my favorite to see too. And yeah, neither the food nor the post-partum rooms are incentive enough for me either. haha!

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