Our Week in Photos (Week 45 of 52)

*Dinner w/ Len & Bonnie
*5th Birthday Party at Sulphur Creek Nature Center
*Fun playdates with friends
*MOPS Steering meeting (fun plans for the remainder of the year!)

*Shutterfly House Party
*Spaghetti Feed for missions trip fundraiser

This Week’s Post
*Giveaway Winner: The Sparkle Box
*Emily-ism: Age
*Joyce-ism: Like
*Review: Nom Nom

Melody got a chance to go to a super fun birthday party at Sulphur Creek Nature Center this past Sunday. I wasn’t there, but I loved looking at the photos of the cool animals they got to see there. I’m loving the friendships that have developed this year…living out the MOPS theme for the year…Plunge – love as if your life depended on it. I’m a homebody introvert (if you didn’t know already!), but IRL relationships are definitely important. We are glad to enjoy simple playdates, and our wonderful MOPS and homeschool communities. So blessed for our family and friends near and far. The busyness of the holidays are starting already, but we’re doing a few things to remember to be grateful for blessings in our lives, and also the reason for the Christmas season, which will be here before we know it. Looking forward to spending time with all of our loved ones in the coming month. What are your holiday plans?

– Joyce

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