Emily-ism: Age

Emily will be 3.5 years old next week, so we were talking about our age.

E: I was 2 last year.
Me: How old are you now?
E: I’m 3.
Me: How old will you be next year?
E: I’m going to be 4!
Me: How old is Mommy?
E: 22
Me: *laugh* How old will I be next year?
E: Let’s count.
And we count to 23. 🙂

Side story: Here’s a semi-related conversation from the women’s retreat from a few weeks ago during lunchtime.

Lady: So, you’re with the youth group?
*laughter* from those who know me
L: Oh sorry. You’re in college.
Me: No, I’m married and have 2 kids. :p
(Not that it means I can’t be married and have 2 kids while I’m in college, but I graduated 10 years ago. :p)
L: You can take it as a compliment.

I guess I will take it as a compliment because we do spend most of our lives “older” so I’d rather look young for as long as I can. I was surprised though because it has been a long time since I’ve been mistaken for a high schooler.


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