Phone Photo: Park


Recently….Saturday mornings start off with a hearty breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, a load of fruits and a big cup of milk. Then, we have been spending the rest of our morning hours at the community center. We trade off with ballet for E first while M plays at the park or catches up on any schoolwork that didn’t get finished during the week. I know, I’m a party pooper…luckily, she doesn’t mind (i.e. she went to re-read chapters of her history book this morning on her own). Then, M has gymnastics and E play at the park. We’re so sad that the sandbox no longer has sand in it. That was E’s favorite. It’s also great to go for a nice stroll during that time, while the weather permits…. We were hoping to find classes that were at the same time, but didn’t work out for the age groupings. They are enjoying it, although we might stick with weekday classes since they aren’t as big. How do your Saturday mornings look? P.S. Don’t worry…the Winnie the Pooh post is coming soon…haven’t been online as much lately.

2 thoughts on “Phone Photo: Park

  1. That sounds like a really wonderful Saturday morning. We had great expectations of Judah and Jacob doing gymnastics on Saturday mornings, but neither boy was into the classes, so now we just make pancakes and lay around the house until everyone is ready to go for a bike ride. We’ve been biking by the shoreline shopping center and stoping by the food truck event. It’s fun!

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