Hide His Word: Born Again to a Living Hope (Part 2)

6 I t y r, t n f a l w, i n, y h b g b v t, 7 s t t t g o y f—m p t g t p t i i t b f—m b f t r i p a g a h a t r o J C. 8 T y h n s h, y l h. T y d n n s h, y b i h a r w j t i i a f w g, 9 o t o o y f, t s o y s.

10 C t s, t p w p a t g t w t b y s a i c, 11 i w p o t t S o C i t w i w h p t s o C a t s g. 12 I w r t t t t w s n t b y, i t t t h n b a t y t t w p t g n t y b t H S s f h, t i w a l t l.

See, there I go again with the first letters. :p I don’t have it all memorized, but the more I review and go over it with the first letter method, the more it ‘sticks’. I can’t believe we are halfway done with the chapter.

And how is Exodus 20 going with Melody for Classical Conversations? We got a little stuck on verse 5, but we’re reviewing it again this week, so we hope to get it down soon. And Katie had shared the Exodus 20 song, but since her site was hacked, I can link up to that post right now. 😦 Hope it will be fixed soon. Boo to hackers! Anyhow, songs always make it easier for me to memorize anything, so I’m sure that it will be helpful for us to learn all 26 verses of the chapter for CC Cycle 1.

Do songs help you memorize things better? Anyone learn the 50 states from a song in elementary school? For Scripture memorization for the kiddos, our FAVORITE are the Seeds Family Worship songs, and I used to listen to the GT and the Halo Express cassette tapes (I think they have CDs too) as a kid and still have those verses in my head and heart. I’ve also heard very good things about Songs for Saplings: ABC | 123 and Hide Em In Your Heart 1 | 2.


  • Start date: Sunday, August 19
  • Finish date: Saturday, November 17
  • Pace of ~2 verses a week
  • Text: 1 Peter 1:1-25

– Joyce

5 thoughts on “Hide His Word: Born Again to a Living Hope (Part 2)

  1. I’ve listened to the 2 “Hide Em in Your Heart” cassettes with my kids over and over. Even though they’re now 23 and 17, they (and I) still think of the songs when hear a particular verse read. 🙂 They definitely are sticky! That’s a good thing. Great post, Joyce. Keep up the good work!

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