Our Week in Photos (Week 40 of 52)

*Opening/Closing Night Winnie the Pooh
*Mini-field trip: Tour of new hospital building
*Girls perform in children’s choir
*MOPS Steering meeting
*Celebrating Len’s bday at Genghix
*Drinks at Quickly’s
*GNO @ Ice Creamery

*6th Birthday party
*More playdates

This Week’s Post
*This Is The Day
*Review and Giveaway: This Is Your Kingdom Come Now
*I Won: Discover Africa Notebooking Packet
*Review: Courageous Teens
*Readers’ Choice
*Help End Bible Poverty
*Review: Namu Street Food

Busy week. Hoping for a low-key weekend. 🙂 Winnie the Pooh opening and closing nights for Melody was a blast!! I’m so proud of my little girl for doing a great job in her very first play! Be on the lookout of a post on that soon. Before showtime on Saturday, I took Emily out for a date with 3 other 3-year-old friends and their moms. 🙂 Besides school this week, Melody has been making me read the parts of all the other characters in the play while she does all of Pooh’s lines…and yes, she has them ALL memorized!!! And Emily has a ton of lines memorized too. Bummer that she will have to wait 2 more years before she can be in the play. Tour of the new hospital building was cool. Hoping that it was my one and only time in that surgery room. What were some highlights of your week?

– Joyce

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Or click on the image below. There are lots of photos, be patient. Thanks. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 40 of 52)

  1. Joyce! I have so missed my weekly peek into your corner of the world! So glad I’m back on track! What a sweet little bee, she looks like she had a great time! As always your food pics made me hungry, and your beautiful family made me smile! Are you by by chance going to Allume? If so, we need to arrange to meet 🙂 have a wonderful weekend!

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