Help End Bible Poverty

I want to welcome Katie Orr to our blog today. I get to serve on the Inspired to Action team with Katie. She is the founder of Do Not Depart, which has helped me and many others to get His Word into our heads and heart. She is also a fellow CCer. 🙂 Help us end Bible poverty. The following is a guest post by Katie.

It has been a year since Lara Williams and I first launched Savoring Living Water: How to Have an Effective Quiet Time. I thought we might sell a hundred or so copies of our little e-book. Yet here we are—thousands of copies later—with the book in print and a leader’s guide right around the corner.

God has chosen to use our little e-book in a big way to help end Bible Poverty. We set a crazy big goal last year to bring 104 verses to the Vidunda people, through OneVerse, a Wycliff Bible Translators affiliate.

Today, we stand with only 16 verses left.


To celebrate all the Lord has done, and to reach our goal near our one-year mark, we are going to give ALL PROFITS to OneVerse for every sale of the e-version sold today, and we would love for Y-O-U to be a part of the work God is doing in the lives of the Vidunda people!

Every PDF, Nook, and Kindle version sold on Thursday, October 4th will bring $5 to the Vidunda people.

If you already have a copy, will you consider gifting a copy, or donating directly to the Savoring Living Water OneVerse project. Any gift amount is welcome!

Thank you for helping us bring God’s Word to the nations!


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