Our Week in Photos (Week 39 of 52)

*Sky VBS Reunion Potluck
*Melody starts gymnastics again
*Eat Real Festival
*Winnie the Pooh play…other cast
*Week of Insanity = Full cast Costume play rehearsal

*Opening/Closing Night Winnie the Pooh
*Mini-field trip: Tour of new hospital building
*Girls perform in children’s choir

This Week’s Post
*Field Trip: Alameda Fire Station #4

This truly was the Week of Insanity. :p Not that I really had to do much but because I was out of the house so often that I didn’t really have any time for myself. Not much to share except that we’re excited to see Melody in her very first play. I did take the girls this past Saturday to watch their friends who performed in the other Winnie the Pooh cast. They really enjoyed the show even though they knew what the whole thing was about since Melody is in this week’s show. :p Hope to updated more after all of this is over. I did get a chance to meet everyone at my table for MOPS. It was nice to actually be a part of the meeting this time. I found out that we had a record number of kiddos last meeting…101! Wow! Did you have an insane week?

– Joyce

Psst: There might be another giveaway coming up. 😉

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One thought on “Our Week in Photos (Week 39 of 52)

  1. You are one busy mamma! I had a busy week too, but mostly because I was filling in for my Mother-in-Law at work while she was on vacation. I got to go to Caleb’s “Rainbow Party” at school and help with the fun games on Friday, which was the highlight of my week. I love being able to volunteer in my kids’ classrooms now that everyone is in school. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a marvelous weekend!

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