Field Trip: Alameda Fire Station #4

We took a last minute field trip a few weeks ago to the fire station with my sister’s class.

Here’s what went down as told by Melody (1st half) and Emily (2nd half).

The fireman is telling what to do when there is smoke. You put on the gear. He breathes inside his mask.

He is going to go inside the room and there’s a guy inside. He is waving but we can still see him through the camera even though it is dark. (TIC = thermal imaging camera)

That is all the fire equipment that they use.

That is the paramedic truck if someone gets hurt in the fire. (Fire rescue ambulance)

I am walking through the fire engine.

This is the stuff they use to rescue people if they are going to get hurt. Emily is staying a safe distance away from the fire rescue truck.

There was a call that came in when we were walking through the fire engine. The firemen had to leave and only one had to teach us about fire safety.

That’s me sitting in the driver’s seat after the engine came back. It was a false alarm.

Here’s Emily telling about the rest of the field trip.

I go on the driver’s seat and I said, “vroom”.

He is spraying the water into the street because he’s teaching us how to spray the water. The cars pass the water.

What did you like about the field trip?
Melody: I mostly liked everything.
Emily: I liked the cars passing the water.

2 thoughts on “Field Trip: Alameda Fire Station #4

  1. So cute! And I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gone by that firehouse and I’ve told Josh “Let’s see if we can take the boys for a tour sometime” haha! Next time we’ll have to sneak in with your sister’s class 😉

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