Our Week in Photos (Week 37 of 52)

*Fall Festival
*Norm’s dental appointment (yay! all good)
*First MOPS meeting
*Field trip to the firehouse

*Emily’s 1st ballet class!!
*Star Wars Birthday party
*Baby’s 1st month party
*ES meeting

This Week’s Post
*I Won: $50 Amazon.com giftcard
*Hide His Word: Born Again to a Living Hope
*What We’re Eating: Make-Ahead French Toast Casserole
*Melody-ism: Organizing

We had a full weekend at the Fall Festival. Since it is super close to our house (about 10-15 minutes walking), we went both Saturday and Sunday. It was an awesome combo of friends, family, and fried food. I worked the MOPS booth on Sunday and definitely got out of my introverted comfort zone to pass out flyers and talk to moms. I got to help prep for our first MOPS meeting of the year on Monday since Norm was home for his dental appointment and was off for the day. I didn’t get a chance to be at the actual MOPS meeting on Tuesday though. Explanation in THIS POST. We took a last-minute field trip to the firehouse with my sister’s class. The girls really enjoyed it. I’ll blog about it soon. Tell us about the best field trip you have ever been on!

– Joyce

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