Melody-ism: Organizing

M: Let’s drink some water before we start organizing.

They both run off to ‘organize’. I’m not sure exact what they did, but there was a lot of giggling involved.

Then, I asked them to clean off the table so that we can have dinner there…pizza and movie night…

M: Hey, Emily! Mommy, has a chore for us!

Both run over shouting ‘Yippy!’ and proceed to clean off and wipe down the table.

Then, there was singing of the Barney clean-up song. And now they are making up their own clean up song…it goes something like this…

‘They are going to make everything neat and tidy, neat and tidy…’

This is not typical. Yes, they do like to clean more than the typical normal child, but usually I’m still stepping on beads and blocks and anything else that you can think of that starts with the letter B…as well as the rest of the letters in the alphabet. :p We do, however, do a quick clean/10-minute tidy (or whatever else you want to call it) by the end of the day so that we wake up to a more or less clean house.


5 thoughts on “Melody-ism: Organizing

  1. haha! I love this. Your girls are so cute! Last time you guys were over here for a play date, I think I remember Melody helping me clean up the blocks. 🙂

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