Hide His Word: Born Again to a Living Hope

P, a a o J C,
T t w a e e o t D i P, G, C, A, a B,
a t t f o G t F, i t s o t S, f o t J C a f s w h b:
M g a p b m t y.

B b t G a F o o L J C! A t h g m, h h c u t b b a t a l h t t r o J C f t d,
t a i t i i, u, a u, k i h f y,
w b G’s p a b g t f f a s r t b r i t l t.

What? What does that mean? You’ve probably think I’ve lost my marbles. Well, I have…my marbles, I mean. We used to have some when we were kids, and now, I just don’t know where they’ve gone.

Anyhow, I started off questioning myself. I wasn’t sure I could memorize 1 Peter 1. I’ve done Romans 8 which was 39 verses, but to be honest, I was really scared seeing the words Pontus, Galatia, Cappacodia, Asia, and Bithynia in the first verse. What? And what in the world are elect exiles. But once I started memorizing by phrases, and coming up with the clever P&G CAB memory trick, I was a roll. The first two verses of 1 Peter wasn’t so scary after all. So far I have verses 1-5 down. 🙂

You’re still wondering about those letters up above? Sorry about that. I’ve used the first letter method in the past to help me memorize long passages, and I’m using them again…only this time, I’m just taking the challenge to the first letter instead of beyond…meaning memorizing all the words by heart without looking. Why? Our homeschool group has started, and a lot of stuff that I teach Melody involves a ton of memory work. She will also be memorizing Exodus 20 (KJV), which means I will also memorize Exodus 20. Even as a Sunday School teacher, if I challenged my class to memorize anything for Bible drills, I would also memorize it. And Melody also started AOK (Alpha Omega Kids) at church, which also involves having her memorizing a memory verse each week…which of course means I will also memorize it along with her. Okay, so where was I? Oh yes, the letters. They are a big help! Use them! What are you memorizing?


  • Start date: Sunday, August 19
  • Finish date: Saturday, November 17
  • Pace of ~2 verses a week
  • Text: 1 Peter 1:1-25

– Joyce

6 thoughts on “Hide His Word: Born Again to a Living Hope

  1. This made me smile. I used to have marbles somewhere too, but mine also are long gone. 🙂

    You are doing a lot of memorizing! Way to go, Mom. I always memorized with my kids, too–this is the first year I’m not since I have none at home. So I’m thankful I have you and others to memorize 1 Peter with. Thanks for all you do with our group, Joyce. You are wonderful.

    • Lisa, I’m so thankful for our group too. It is so easy to just give up on the verses when they are tough. I love that we can keep each other accountable to sticking with it. 🙂

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