Our Week in Photos (Week 33 of 52)

*Summer Reading Program Carnival
*Stop by Sunday
*Live chat
*First week of homeschool

*MOPS Steering Mini-Retreat
*CC orientation
*Oakland A’s baseball game
*Birthday dinner for the MIL
*Oakland Zoo
*Dentist appt for me (love clean teeth!)

This Week’s Post
*Summer Reading: CV Library
*Melody-ism: Lie

So….we are trying to make summer last as long as possible…as you can see from the highlights of this past week, and what’s coming up. 🙂 Loved our MOPS mini-retreat and excited about the new MOPS year, and also CC year as well…so many new families on our campus this year. Love getting together with friends for playdates before all the kiddos head back to school…or to school in general since some of them have never been to school before (starting preschool). Savoring…

– Joyce

Click here and then click on a photo, on the bottom left, you can click on slideshow.


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