Random Interview with the Girls

Norm worked extra late yesterday so I had to entertain myself during dinner by interviewing the girls. Here are the random questions I asked, and their equally random answers. :p Enjoy!

What is your favorite restaurant, and why?
M: Silver spoon. They have Chinese food and I’m Chinese. They have music too. The manager sings.
E: Full Belly because I like that store.
(Full Belly is a Chinese restaurant too.)

Which do you like better, popsicles or ice cream, and why?
M: Ice cream. Chocolate w/ cherry and whip cream, in a glass bowl.
E: Popsicles. Strawberry banana.
(Glass bowl = Pyrex Custard Cup. We had MOPS Popsicles at the Park today, thank you to Ms. Lindsey for making all of them!! Your hidden super power!!)

What is your favorite place that you went this summer?
M: It hasn’t happened yet, but I think I’ll say the carnival.
E: County fair.
(The carnival is this coming Saturday.)

What cool crafts did you make this summer?
M: All my VBS crafts.
E: The rock from VBS.
(I’ll have to admit that there were some cool VBS crafts this year. They also painted huge rocks which you can come see in our backyard. I think Melody’s is like 40 pounds.)

What did you like watching this summer?
M: Wonder Pets and Olympics (track and field, diving, gymnastics)
E: Wonder Pets and Sid the Science Kid Backyard Campout.
(Love Wonter Pets, Love Olympics, Love Side the Science Kid.)

And so concludes our random summer dinnertime interview with Melody and Emily. Thanks for reading. Feel free to answer the questions in the comments below. 😉

– Joyce


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