Less Cluttered Home: Week 3

You know I love a good challenge. It helps me keep motivated and accountable. There was a cleaning challenge that I wanted to do, but couldn’t get started before it ended! Then I saw Stephanie’s 8  Weeks to a Less Cluttered Home. 40 days. That’s it. Go through the house little by little, area by area (which is awesome when you have little kids).

Here is the goal of the challenge: To spend 30 minutes or less each day working on a specific area of the home and to find 10 items to get rid of each day. I’m aiming for 5 items instead because we actually don’t own too much due to the fact that I hate shopping (oh, you didn’t know? :p hehe).

My week was a little different than usual, so I didn’t get around to as much decluttering as I would have liked, but we are still getting some things out of the house. 🙂

I combined all the book days into one day.
Day 11: Childrens books – Day 2 (diaper bag/purse declutter if a 2nd day is not necessary)
Day 12: Adult books – Day 1
Day 13: Adults book – Day 2 (fridge cleaning/organization if a 2nd day is not necessary)
I was really putting this off because I’m a huge bookworm. We have gotten a ton of great hand-me-down books from a church friend a few years ago (almost 200 books to be exact), so I wasn’t attached because of the cost of the books, but the girls seriously like to read all of them. It was tough, and I had to have them help me, but we did decide on a few. Ironic, but they were pretty much replaced (the children’s books anyway) with book prizes for the summer reading programs that we are participating in.

And here is the weird mix of books we are passing on. Please don’t ask me why I still have bridal magazines after almost 7 years of being married! (And I got a head start on magazine decluttering day!)

I actually randomly ended up doing the fridge one. This is how our fridge looks every Friday because we buy for each week, eat it during the week, and then have C.O.R.N. (clean out refrigerator night) by Friday or Saturday. This time I wiped down the drawers too, and made sure to get rid of any expired food/condiments.

Day 14: Medicine or vitamin/home remedies cabinet or cupboard. You could also tackle your First Aid kit on this day.
I did the medicine area of the cupboard when I did all the cupboards, so the girls helped me to go through the first aid kit. We do need to purchase a few things. We also have first aid kit in our car as well. If you don’t have a kit, you can check out THIS LIST to see what you need to buy.

The medicines and vitamins are on the middle shelf.

Day 15: Children’s art work, certificates, special notes or cards, etc.
This one is going to be really hard, so I’m saving it for the end.

To review, here’s my goal: declutter 5 items a day. Cleaning and organizing will come after the challenge is over. 🙂 Please don’t judge the cleanliness and organization of my home yet. :p

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