Our Week in Photos (Week 29 of 52)

*HelloMornings Challenge registration begins
*Summer Reading Game Final Prize!
*Playdate w/o my kids :p
*Visited family and had family over

*Meeting with our ES about homeschooling
*Celebrating Norm’s parents’ anniversary

This Week’s Post
*Less Cluttered Home: Week 2
*Everything is Possible With God

Evidently, VBS was this week. 🙂 It was totally a God thing that the dates were changed from what was announced last year, because HMC reg started this week, and that is where I’ve been most of this week. Registration is exploding! We have about 2,000 women from more than 30 countries participating….so far, and it’s only the first week. I think I can almost add some HTML coding and question answering to my resume now. :p If you don’t know what HMC is, go check it or READ MY BACKSTORY. My group filled up the 1st day, but there is still space available in lots of other groups. And then, what’s this about a playdate without the kids? That’s right! I met up with Jodi and another friend, and their kids at the SL Marina for a playdate while M & E were at VBS. :p So, what was my week. Anyone else had VBS this week? Want to join the HelloMornings Challenge? LMK!

– Joyce

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