Our Week in Photos (Week 27 of 52)

*CH’s 3rd birthday party
*Alameda County Fair with newlyweds!
*Nephew’s 4th birthday!
*MOPS park playdate

*Alameda Off The Grid
*Stopping by at a 1st bday party

This Week’s Post
*Totally Desperate Mom Mini-Book Review
*Giveaway Winner: Cultivation Generation
*Monterey Trip: Day 3 (Monterey Bay Aquarium)
*Monterey Trip: Day 4 (Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk)
*I Won: Beyond Bath Time
*Review: Cafe Brasil (Santa Cruz)

This week went by too fast if you ask me. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. We had a great weekend celebrating birthdays and getting together with family. The girls got to ride on a real pony for the first time at the fair. Love the county fair! We used to go every summer when we were kids. Looking forward to another weekend of food and friends. Always a good combo. 🙂 How was your week? Did you go to any fairs when you were young?

– Joyce

Click here and then click on a photo, on the bottom left, you can click on slideshow.
(And HERE’S THE LINK for photos from last week. Finally got them to upload.)

3 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 27 of 52)

  1. Joyce, I know I’ve said this, but you have a beautiful family. Our fair isn’t until September. We did have plenty of fun though. Swimming, BBQing, and just hanging out with friends and family has all been so great this week. Today one of my dearest friends is leaving and then tonight we get another round of company for the weekend! I know what you mean about the week going by all too quickly. I think that’s the way our whole summer is going to be.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I’m on a laptop today and can’t see the pics, but sounds like you had a good (busy) week! My youngest daughter is on a road trip out to CA…a “many daytrip” and I know she will love it out there.

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