Monterey Trip: Day 4 (Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk)

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Breakfast and Check Out of Hotel
We ate a quick breakfast (lots of fruit of course!!), headed back up to our room (making sure to watch one more show), packed up the rest of our stuff (so tempted to do a load of laundry the night before), and checked out (bye bye!). We will definitely be back here again one day.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
So so so thankful that we found a good parking spot, although we had to get change to put in the meter. Before hitting up the beach, the girls and I had to change (it was still pretty chilly in Monterey so we were wearing layers). By the way, there is an awesome bowling alley at the corner if you need to do that. :p

We didn’t really make the most of the Boardwalk, since it was already getting hot out and the girls wanted to play in the sand. Thank you so much to my friend GY who let us borrow sand toys!! I took the girls out to the water, and of course, they had opposite reactions. Once the first wave rolled in, Melody loved it and Emily ran in the other direction. Melody kept going back to the water over and over again. Emily decided to just hang at the “little water” area or play in the sand.

You see the similar pink and white stripe shirts that the girls were wearing? We saw about 5-6 others who were also wearing something almost the same. There were probably more that we didn’t see. Must be a popular shirt to wear to the beach. :p Oh, and we also got Dippin’ Dots.

Cafe Brasil
Lunch came before we knew it! We packed up our stuff, and headed to Cafe Brasil and McDonald’s for takeout. It had been a long morning, and being out in the sun made everyone cranky, so we ate on the car ride home. Read Norm’s review of CAFE BRASIL.

Home Sweet Home
Once we got home, the girls got cleaned up, and headed to bed for a nice long nap. I, of course, went to unpack and put everything away. 🙂

The End. 🙂 Thanks for coming along for the ride. Some of you might already know (so shhhh!), but for everyone else, any guesses on where we are going for our next trip?

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