Totally Desperate Mom Mini-Book Review

I’m not even finished with the book yet. I started it this week. I was going to recommend it to all my mom friends even only after reading up to page 5 on the first day (kid interruptions). I would suggest you take advantage of the deal available at Plum District (link below). I don’t even have an account so I’m not getting anything out of promoting Wendy’s book. The book takes a look at what motherhood is…all the good and all the crazy! Wendy is honest about the trials that she’s face on your motherhood journey. And okay, just buy it because she’s HILARIOUS!! Even if you’re a dude, you should pick up a copy…for your wife, or yourself, or for whoever…

I’m totally stealing these next 2 paragraphs from her blog, but I don’t think she cares since I’m sending customers her way. But you see, I’m putting them in quotes so you see that they’re not my words, okay? 🙂

Totally Desperate Mom $25 for 3 copies of the book plus free shipping. And 10% goes to Shepherd’s Gate which is a shelter for battered and homeless women and children. If you refer a friend and they purchase a deal . . . BOOM. You get $5 of Plum Dollars to spend.

Stock up for baby shower gifts, give it to a friend, hand it to a mom at a park who has one child melting down and the other one saying “I have to go potty. Now. Really bad” and there is no bathroom at that park, keep a copy for yourself, give it away at your MOPS group. Shoot . . .  it’s such a deal you could just use it for a coaster. Go get the deal!
Please spread the word! Thank you.”

You see? She’s funny, right? So great to have met Wendy at our MOPS Spring Tea and hear her story.

– Joyce

5 thoughts on “Totally Desperate Mom Mini-Book Review

    • Hey Jodi, sign up for the San Leandro summer reading program. If you read 2 books, you’re invited to a dinner where they are also doing a drawing to giveaway $100. This book is a fast read, so you just need to read one more. 🙂

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