Our Week in Photos (Week 26 of 52)

*CC Parent Practicum cont.
*Melody’s 1st play rehearsal!
*Park playdate/making a new friend

*CH’s 3rd birthday party
*Dinner with newlyweds!
*Nephew’s 4th birthday!
*MOPS park playdate

This Week’s Post
*Father’s Day 2012
*Monterey Trip: Day 2 (MY Museum and Aquarium)
*Review: Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (Monterey)

Where did the week go? Yesterday I thought it was Friday, but it also seemed like a really long week. :p I’m gearing up for another round of HelloMornings Challenge. <— Look! I’m on the page. And I made/designed that page! How did I do that? Crash course in html coding. o_o In need of rest today. Raise your hand if html makes your eyes go crazy. Come back next week for the remainder of our Monterey trip recaps and see how our garden is growing this year. :p Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!!

– Joyce

Picasa wasn’t working for me to upload my photos for this week, but I did add more photos to last week’s album, so you can go check that out again. 🙂 Click here or on the pic below.

Head over to Alicia’s Homemaking to see more Try New Adventures Thursday!


6 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 26 of 52)

  1. HTML is not fun. When I had to learn it years ago it drove my nuts. However, there have been times lately that it has helped me out at work, so I guess I’m glad I know the basics.

  2. I know why it is so easy to share your week in pictures: your girls are BEAUTIFUL!
    Stopping by from Company Girl Coffee link-up,

  3. HTML is more than crazy! I’m learning as I go, but I’m so afraid that one of these times I am going to wipe out my entire blog in one fell swoop! lol.I hope your garden is in better shape than ours(the cucumber bugs are back!) Have a great week!!

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