Monterey Trip: Day 2 (MY Museum and Aquarium)

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Day 2 started out with breakfast at our hotel. We loaded up on lots of egg and fruit goodness. Embassy Suites Seaside has complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast and nightly Manager’s Reception. Yum!

MY Museum

It was a rainy morning as we headed to MY Museum (Monterey County Youth Museum). This was $7/person (over 2 years old). The “museum” is separated into 8 different exhibits. MY Day at the Beach is targeted toward under 3 with lots of soft cushiony areas. MY Go-Fore Golf has golf balls to doing a little putting and also a golf cart. You can “pick” veggies and sit in a tractor at MY Healthy Farm. MY ImagiTree was the girls’ favorite!! It was like we paid $28 for them to climb a ladder over and over and over again. At least they did go to all the exhibits. Some kids really did just hang out at the tree the whole time. At MY Hospital there was a life-size Operation game for the kids to perform “surgery”. There was also an ambulance. MY Theater was fun for dressing up and getting up on the stage. MY Creation Station was always busy. There was a whole wall of materials kids can choose from to create anything they wanted. This reminded me a lot of MOCHA. MY Town Hall has a construction site where you can build with big blocks, and a marketplace.

First Awakenings
This restaurant was recommended by many friends. It was also recommended to many other people since it was pretty much packed any other time we passed by. It is in the American Tin Cannery on Cannery Row. You can read Norm’s review of it HERE. We did have leftovers, so thank goodness we had a fridge and microwave in our suite! 🙂

Monterey Bay Aquarium
After the girls napped, we headed to Monterey Bay Aquarium for a (very) short while. It was actually nice to get there before closing since there weren’t too many people, and we were able to get an “overview” of the place and see exactly where we wanted to go the next day. Melody and Emily really liked the kelp forest. We saved a little bit of money here because we got two 2-day tickets with our hotel package, and we were able to use guest passes from a family friend, otherwise they would cost $115+tax.

Trader Joe’s
We had leftovers from lunch at First Awakenings, so we decided to go to Trader Joe’s to pick up a little something and head back to our hotel for dinner. The girls didn’t mind one bit since it meant that they could watch a little more TV at the hotel. 🙂 They enjoyed PBS Kids and the Disney Channel quite a bit during our trip.

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