Our Week in Photos (Week 25 of 52)

*Dinner with Moys/Burgos @ Tokie’s
*Summer Reading Program Kickoff/Pizza Party
*Mom’s Night Out @ Ice Creamery
*CC Parent Practicum
WEEK 25 OF 52 album

*CC Parent Practicum cont.

This Week’s Post
*Review and Giveaway: Cultivation Generation ‘My Foundation’
*Review: Cultivation Generation ‘My Foundation’
Giveaway ends Monday, June 25 at 11:59pm
*Monterey Trip: Day 1 (Gilroy Gardens and Dennis the Menace Park)
*Review: Crystal Fish

Soo…..it looks like nothing is on my calendar for the upcoming week. That. is. all. How’s your summer been so far? In one word: cold. 😦 Hope it warms up just a little soon. Have a wonderful weekend!!

– Joyce

Psst, be signed into a google/gmail account, click on photo below to view as slideshow.


2 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 25 of 52)

  1. Love that photo! 😉
    I’ve been visititing with my mom and sister this weekend. It was my mom’s first time to see our store and home.
    This afternoon we went from 75 degrees to hail the size of KIX cereal! Crazy weather!
    Hope you enjoy your down time this week. 🙂

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