Monterey Trip: Day 1 (Gilroy Gardens and Dennis the Menace Park)

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Gilroy Gardens

This was surprisingly our very first time at Gilroy Gardens. We’ve been to the outlets before, but never to Gilroy Gardens (or the garlic festival). This was actually for a field trip with our homeschool group for Natural Sciences Day. So the park was closed to the public. There were 6 groups. We were in Group #4. It looked like each group had about 100 kids? The kids were able to go to 6 stations.

1. Different Types of Rocks (we missed this) – experimentation station – sort and compare various types of rocks and record their observations
2. Trees with Funny Shapes – investigative station, learn the difference between natural trees and trees shaped by man (topiary), use investigation skills to search for the shapes
3. Find the Food You Eat – investigative station, learn that many foods we eat grow
in tropical and sub tropical environments, search for living examples of the food they eat in a working, tropical greenhouse
4. Who Looks Like Who? – presentational station, learn about characteristics of native California birds and animals and which characteristics are inherited or environmental
5. Worms Eat Our Garbage – presentational station, learn about composting, why it is good for our environment and that many resources can be conserved
6. Plant Labeling – interactive station, learn the parts of a plant by actively identifying from live examples (circus tree was cool, lady leading the presentation was not, she was really rude to the kids :/ )

After the stations, we ate lunch together, which was hot dog, spaghetti, fruit and water. It was a deal for $40 for all 4 of us (includes lunch) even though it wasn’t unlimited rides all day. It is $120 for a single day admission. Finally, we went on the rides. There are over 20 rides in the park but only 9 were opened to us for the Natural Sciences Day, which was fine because we were tired. :p We met up with our friends and went on the Balloon Flight. This is probably the “fastest” ride that the girls have been on. Next Melody got to “drive” a car on South County Backroads. And we hopped onto the last train of the day for the Redwood Railroad.

On the Road

We headed back on the road to Monterey. The girls were tired but were excited about the rest of the day. The last time we were here was when I was 5 months pregnant with Melody. We stayed at a B&B. This time we stayed at….

Embassy Suites

Embassy Suites is actually in Seaside, but is more bang for your buck, especially since they have breakfast in the morning, and no bed bugs. 🙂 We were on the very top floor – the 12th floor! Melody and Emily were super excited to take the glass elevator up and down every time! We got settled in.

Yes! A nap! This is why we can’t go to Disneyland yet. It wouldn’t be worth our money to not be there the whole day…and it’d be nice if they can carry their own stuff. 😉

Dennis the Menace Park
Once the girls woke up, we headed to Dennis the Menace Park. You only think it’s “just” a park, but it’s so much more!

We didn’t stay too long because it was FREEZING!!

Crystal Fish
We ate at Crystal Fish Sushi because the wait was a little shorter than the other place we planned to go to.

Click on the links to view Day 1 albums BEFORE NAP | AFTER NAP 🙂
Click on photos below for slideshow if you are signed into any gmail account…I think.

7 thoughts on “Monterey Trip: Day 1 (Gilroy Gardens and Dennis the Menace Park)

  1. Wow what fun! I can’t believe those gardens are $120 for a one-day admission – that’s crazy!! I agree about the naps – it’s so hard to pay for all-day events when you know your child needs to sleep through 1/3 of it.

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  3. Oh my word, that looks like a really awesome place! I can’t believe it’s $120 for admission though. Sounds like you guys had a blast!

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