Our Week in Photos (Week 24 of 52)

*MOPS Planning Retreat
*Arts and Crafts Party at Creekside
*Girls sing in children’s choir
*Melody’s play audition
*Summer Reading Game begins!
*Cousin’s graduation dinner
WEEK 24 OF 52 album

*Dinner with Moys/Burgos
*Summer Reading Program Kickoff/Pizza Party
*Mom’s Night Out

This Week’s Post
*Giveaway Winner: The Genesis Code DVD
*My Morning
*Monterey Trip: Day 0 (Packing)
*Hide His Word: The Girls’ Vlog
*Review: First Awakenings (Monterey)

Kicking off our “summer” with lots of fun activities. With the busyness of the activities, I haven’t been online as much, so this post is late in coming, as well as our vacation posts. They are coming, I promise!! As well as wedding pics! Look for them this week. Congrats to my cousin Brenda on her high school graduation. And congrats to the class of 2012! and to some more of my former Sunday school students!! Woot!!

– Joyce

P.S. We have another giveaway coming up, so definitely check back here soon. 🙂

I tried to make the following link to a slideshow, but it might take you to just the photos. Either way, click on the photo below to view the photos. Hopefully it works.

1 thought on “Our Week in Photos (Week 24 of 52)

  1. Glad your summer sounds to be busy and fun so far. 🙂 (Or maybe you’d like less of the busy?) I received my bless this home wall hanging! Now I’m trying to decide if I want to keep it for myself or give it as a gift…decisions, decisions…

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