My Morning

No lie guys, I am beat. It has been 3 straight weekends of busyness over here. That along with the kiddos randomly waking at night finally caught up with me. I am excited for the summer because we have really made no plans other than VBS, Melody’s play rehearsals, and we’re just looking forward to hanging out with friends and family, and riding bikes around the block…remember that? :p Anyhow, we were supposed to be at church extra early this morning…I didn’t think we would even make it for 1st service because we usually attend 2nd service. We didn’t make it to practice for the girls’ choir, but they made it to sing on stage. Now I’m just sitting in with the band while they practice for 2nd service. Yes, I got them washed up, brushed up, changed, and breakfast in 30 minutes…and myself too…I guess…I may or may not have brushed my ha
ir. 😉



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