Hide His Word: Reviewing

I totally did not have time to blog about memorizing John 1:1-14. I did it though! The first few verses were not so tough because we memorized verses 1-7 with Melody’s homeschool group. The only tricky thing was she memorized it using the Latin translation from the Vulgate, but I was memorizing using English Standard Version. At first I was going to switch since we will be doing that again one day and I was getting confused by the wording, but I got the hang of it using ESV, so I stuck with it. Verses 7-8 stumped me for half a week. Then, I got it, and kept chugging along. By the end, I could easily do it with the first letter method or using first word prompts.

Melody (5) also reviewed her verses, and can recite most of the verses, but a little shaky at the end. Emily (3) memorized verse one with a little help, and can fill-in-the-blanks for some of the other verses.

For the past and next few weeks, we are working on reviewing some of the passages that we have memorized so that they stick with us longer. Who knows when they may come in handy, right? 🙂 So if you’ve been keeping up with my Scripture memorization, I’ve memorized Psalm 143, Romans 8, and John 1:1-14 since August 2011. (See links below)

I’ve been using ScriptureTyper and Remember Me app to review. Since I found those 2 resources after I started memorizing Psalm 143, those 12 verses are not in there. I decided to go back to that passage for a review, memorizing 2 verses a week, like I’ve been doing. I love the community on the Hide His Word FB page. There is a lot of encouragement and it is wonderful to see others memorizing along with me.

– Joyce

**Romans 8: Am I Totally Crazy? | Life in the Spirit | Heirs with Christ | More Than Conquerors | Hidden in My Heart
**Psalm 143: Mid-Month Update | I Did It! | Future Glory

Linking up with Do Not Depart for the Hiding His Word in My Heart {June Link-up}. 🙂

19 thoughts on “Hide His Word: Reviewing

    • Amanda, We started with using the My ABC Bible Verses book when my older one was 3 and she loved it. I’m not sure how old your kids are, but 1+1+1=1 blog has some fantastic resources for that!

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