Review: 51 Frugal Father-Daughter Dates (eBook)

Head over to our review blog to read more about Ashley Pichea’s new eBook 51 Frugal Father-Daughter Dates. Lots of great ideas for how fathers can spend time with their little girls. 🙂

It’s June already?! Where does the time go? We have a wedding celebration today, but I will recap our trip and that on another day. I wanted to pop in here really quickly to give a shout out to my girls’ Daddy. He is quite a guy if I don’t say so myself. I should say it more often because he is a neat guy. 🙂 I love that he spends time with the girls. The girls are flowergirls (again!) today for the wedding, and I am already teary-eyed thinking about the day their Daddy will walk them down the aisle when they married.

Here’s a few photos I found of Norm and the girls from the past few years. Can you tell which ones are of Melody when she was little or Emily now? 🙂 I hope I will be able to share many many more of these photos to come.

You can click here to buy 51 Frugal Father-Daughter Dates for only $2.99.

6 thoughts on “Review: 51 Frugal Father-Daughter Dates (eBook)

  1. Have a wonderful time at the wedding!! The girls will be fabulous 🙂 And it looks like they sure do have an awesome dad. Love all the photos.

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