Emily-ism: Teeth and a Story

This morning when she woke up:

“Mommy, one teeth is a tooth.” Makes sense right? 🙂

A Story by Emily told in her best Chinese accent…I have no idea why my kids have accents when they don’t even know Chinese!

One day there was a castle. And then a little princess, it was Belle, walked into the castle. She saw a cat and walked in the rain. There was someone inside, it was a giant. In the story, the giant walked into a house. And Belle walked into the house too. And then they walked in and saw bananas. They saw a little tiny butterfly in the backyard. And they saw a little snack on the table. They saw a little plant on the desk. The next day there was a stick and the people come. They walked into the street, and saw a banana again. The banana fell, and they saw milk on the table and they just drinked it up. It was Sleeping Beauty’s. They just drinked it up. And then she buyed another one. The end!…

Not really the end because she actually continued her story for a few more minutes…or more….

3 thoughts on “Emily-ism: Teeth and a Story

  1. Awe! What a cute story. And I wonder how they got Chinese accents when you guys don’t speak Chinese? That’s funny. I hope to get to meet them soon!

    • So funny, right? :p I mean, I guess they hear it from our parents, but no idea why they would have the accent. Yes, let me know when you guys are meeting up. We sure could use some Burma Superstar. 🙂

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