Our Week in Photos (Week 20 of 52)

*Spring Festival with friends
*Emily’s Birthday/Mother’s Day
*Emily’s 3-year checkup
WEEK 20 OF 52 album

*Spring Tea with friends
*Last MOPS meeting of the 2011-12 year 😦

This Week’s Post
*Giveaway Winner
*High-Strung (Nashville) Tuning
*Brain Tumor Walk 2012 Recap
*Phone Photo: Computers
*Martial Arts America

Emily is 3!! I can’t believe it. It is so true what they say, that the days pass by slowly but the years pass by quickly. She did fabulous at her checkup. Still my itsy-bitsy baby at 25%tile. 🙂 Not much to share about this week. The weather was kind of blah, so I’m feeling a little blah. The Hello Mornings Challenge started up again and I’m so excited to again be doing this with people I know IRL!! Woot! We are slow-going so far, but hopefully things will get moving, and we will find our motivation and form our new habits. Will share more later. Hope everyone else had a better week. I’m excited to see all the updates in my Twitter and FB newsfeeds about ebooks and real books being published and also lots of birthdays and anniversaries as well. So, I guess it wasn’t all blah this week. :p

– Joyce

Photos by Joyce Moy, May 10, 2012

Vodpod videos no longer available.

9 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 20 of 52)

  1. My gosh, Emily is so cute with that pink purse cake! What a darling idea!

    New habits are hard. I’m participating in a read the Bible in 90 days group that starts the Sunday of Memorial weekend. We’ll see how it goes!

  2. Happy Birthday to Emily! She’s precious and I LOVE the purse cake!
    BTW, I didn’t know you had funnel cakes in CA. I thought those were a southern / Texas thing…

  3. Happy Birthday Emily! so fun that we share the day! I love her purse cake! Thanks for helping me tweet about the book this week…much appreciated! Have a wonderful weekend!

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