MOPS Spring Tea

Anyone recognize the photo above? Did you watch this show? How about Wonder Years (with Fred Savage)? Or Growing Pains (with Kirk Cameron and Leonardo DiCaprio)? How about Circus of the Stars? Don’t you miss show likes that? I sure do, and not only because we don’t own a TV, but because there aren’t too many shows around that families can watch all together. I mean, what happened to TGIF? But that’s not what we’re talking about today.

Well, you are probably wondering what all this has to do with the MOPS spring tea which is the title of the post because I’m creative like that. 😉

You see the girl in the photo? Once upon a time, she was Wendy Cox. Now she is Wendy Hagen, and she was also the speaker at our spring tea. She brought a great message of encouragement, hope, and love. Moms, if you are feeling like throwing in the towel, the day is going from bad to worse, or it is just a struggle to face another day with diaper blowouts or spilled milk, Wendy has a message for you, that this is just a season. It may feel like these days will last forever, but they aren’t going to last forever… you were made for this. This thing known as motherhood… you were made for this. You know what else we were made for? We were also made for a relationship with our Creator. Wendy shared with us about how God worked in her life, and it is an amazing story (you know it’s amazing when it makes you cry). Read about that HERE. And man, she is super funny too!

Besides, all of that, the decor was fabulous, and there was a lot of amazing food and great company. 🙂

– Joyce

You can click on the links to read about Wendy’s Hollywood Days (check out the YouTube vids) or about her day as a driver for a Kindergarten field trip on her personal blog. Hey, why not pick up her book Totally Desperate Mom: Keepin’ It Real in the Motherhood for a totally desperate mom in your life (or maybe that TDM is you!).

Head over to Alicia’s Homemaking to see more Try New Adventures Thursday!

6 thoughts on “MOPS Spring Tea

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    • Nice meeting you too Wendy. Everyone enjoyed your visit. I sent them your way to get a book but most people already ordered them. :p I guess we’re all totally desperate moms!!

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