Our Week in Photos (Week 15 of 52)

*Met up with a new friend
*Egg decorating party @ Creekside
*Double date with L&B @ Burma Superstar
*Norm’s birthday & Easter
*Norm’s dental appointment
*Start memorizing John 1:1-14 for the next 7 weeks
WEEK 15 OF 52 album

*BIL’s bachelor party
*SD’s birthday party

This Week’s Post
*Easter Post by Melody
*What We’re Eating: Cauliflower “Mac” and Cheese Casserole
*Indoor Kind of Day
*Review: Ramen Underground

The weekend was a little busy, to say the least. But super fun! On Friday, we met up with some new friends (friend of a blogger friend). On Saturday, we missed seeing our new friends at the egg decorating party since we got there fashionably late. We went on a double date, which is a first in a loooong time, and it was with Norm’s brother and fiancee. There was a wait for our table, so we checked out a bookstore across the street, which was fun. Sunday was Easter, and it was also Norm’s birthday. Happy birthday husband! The rest of the week as a little blah due to rain and gloominess. We had a major thunderstorm last night, and there was even a tornado warning for some parts of the Bay Area! Really?! I guess that was the highlight of the week? :p Was there any strange weather patterns in your area this week?

– Joyce

Photos by Joyce Moy, Apr 11, 2012

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1 thought on “Our Week in Photos (Week 15 of 52)

  1. Well, it may have been a busy wind but it does sound enjoyable….a belated Happy Birthday to Norm! Hope the weather is brighter this week…ours isn’t so bad…just a little cool, which is okay because than the blossoms on the trees last longer…I love seeing the blossoms!

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