8 In-Home Dates

At MOPS there is a raffle basket at the meetings to raise money for scholarship for moms to attend meetings. I usually never remember to buy the tickets, but I decided to buy some for the 8 in-home dates that one of the mentor moms put together. Ha! Lo and behold, I won!

I am looking forward to doing this in-home dates, as it is tricky (and sometimes costly) to get out for a date all the time.

So we just finished up the Date Night Challenge, and I can’t wait to unwrap some of these dates and see what’s in store for us. Have you had a creative date lately? Tell me about it.

– Joyce

P.S. If you can also lift up some prayers for the mentor mom who made this “basket”, that would be great. Her husband recently had a heart attack. He just got moved out of ICU and back home this past Friday.

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