Date Night #3

Excuse quality of pics. They are from my phone.

Headed out to San Francisco in the morning. It was a gorgeous day! Kiddos enjoying the view.

The date was in the evening, but Norm wasn’t scheduled to play for the worship team at church, so headed out to the worship service and Sunday School at CIBC.

Ate lunch with some dear friends at Golden Star (too busy eating and catching up to take pics).

Girls napped at Norm’s parents’ house.

Then, we went to Stow Lake, where we had our first date almost 13 years ago, and also where Norm proposed almost 8 years ago.

We chatted.

About things that have changed. About things that haven’t changed.

Off to dinner at Hukilau, a fun little Hawaiian place.

Headed back to pick up the girls.

We said goodbye to San Francisco once again.

And headed back to the East Bay.

So that was the last of our 3 dates in 3 weeks for the Date Night Challenge (Date #1 | Date #2). We are still going through the remaining 2 weeks of the Love Language Challenge. It’s been fun and interesting. I love setting aside that time to be a couple rather than ‘just mom and dad’. And we have some more fun in-home dates coming up thanks to one of the Mentor Moms at MOPS. I’ll blog about this later.

Have you gone on any fun dates lately?

– Joyce

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