Our Week in Photos (Week 10 of 52)

*CC friends lunch
*A&A visit <—-babysit cousins’ kiddos
*Memorial service for our dearly loved children’s ministry director
*K&B + their friends visit
*Visit CIBC
*Lunch at Golden Star
*Date Night in SF
WEEK 10 OF 52 album

This Week’s Post
*Granny Skypes
*Emily-ism: Jokes
*Springy Weather
*Review: Ike’s Place

I haven’t been on here much this week. We had a blast having friends over, and visiting friends over the weekend. I had to finish up something for a deadline, and I am about to start something new. I have about 3 posts in draft waiting to be finished and published, and about another 10 posts in my head that I want to get down. Here’s a teaser: 11 Randomness, Chocolate Covered Spoons, HMC apps, and Date Night #3. You know you want to come back and read more. =p What posts do you have in draft or in your head waiting to be typed? Have an awesome weekend!

– Joyce

(These are all pics from our date night so far. I haven’t uploaded any other photos from the rest of the week.)
Photos by Joyce Moy, Mar 4, 2012

Vodpod videos no longer available.

8 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 10 of 52)

  1. What great pictures! I LOVE San Fran – grew up about an hour from there, and love to go back about once a year. Last summer was my last trip, so I’m due to go again soon! Thanks for sharing, and I want to hear about the randomness… 🙂

  2. Hi Joyce! I always have posts rattling around in my head. That’s why this week I just posted my thoughts from my devotion time. Didn’t spend time editing or re-writing. Just copied and pasted. Otherwise, I’d never post on my blog anymore, just in my journal. 🙂

    I was thinking of you today because we planted pea and tomato starts with our kids. We’re hoping that we can get our own starters going and then put them in the ground. Have you planted anything yet this year?

    It’s another beautiful day here. I’m hoping it means Spring will be here soon. Hope you’re having a great weekend!


    • We haven’t started any planting yet. We usually start anywhere between end of March and mid-May. It depends on the weather. We were still getting rain in June last year!

  3. I’d like to do a short series on my favorite iPhone apps for different purposes. I really feel like if you know the right apps to have, you can simplify your life a lot. I want to do different posts on Chrstian apps, home making apps, photography apps, social apps, shopping apps, etc. 🙂

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