Granny Skypes

My dad’s cousin is visiting from Singapore (actually she’s leaving today after a 2-week stay). We had our Chinese New Year gathering (this was on 2/20). Unfortunately, Emily wasn’t feeling well, so I stayed with her, but Norm and Melody went. There were a few aunties/uncles and cousins not there, but here are most of the guests at my parents’ house last Monday.

Everyone is telling my 106-year-old granny what this whole videochatting thing is all about. And she got to talk to her 95-year-old sister in Singapore! How cool, right?!

Do you use Skype or another videochatting service to talk to friends or family around the world? We usually use videochatting through Gmail to talk with Norm’s cousins who are currently living in Thailand.

– Joyce

3 thoughts on “Granny Skypes

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  3. 106?? Wow! I had a great-grandfather who lived to 105. That was way before Skype, though!
    RE: your question, thanks to Skype, I get to see & talk with our son. He’s in the US Army, stationed in Kuwait. So we’re very thankful for technology!

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