Top 10 Android Apps for Spiritual Growth

I think this is the first official guest post I have ever written. Katie over at Do Not Depart asked me to write about some Android apps that have been useful for spiritual growth. If this is not your first time on our little blog, you have already heard about Do Not Depart from my posts about Hiding His Word. Her site has been a great source of encouragement and guidance in doing Bible study and Scripture memorization. You can read a snippet of my post below:

Heather’s “Top 10 iPhone Apps for Spiritual Growth” post was great, but I am an Android user. (I did send it to all my iPhone-owning family members and friends who found the post useful though.)

So, below you will find some Droid apps that I have found to be helpful for my spiritual growth. (Some are the same as on iPhone, but links are to Android apps.)

Best Bible Study Apps

Christian Droid AppsChristian Droid Apps1. YouVersion Bible (FREE)
*Read/listen to the Bible with over 150 Bible versions and almost 200 Bible reading plans to help you read the Bible and track your progress.
*Easily search the Bible for either a reference or a keyword.
*Connect Twitter and Facebook accounts to easily share Bible verses.
*Bookmark your favorite Bible verses and sync them with
*Make public or private notes on your bible reading.

Scripture Memory Apps

Christian Droid AppsChristian Android Apps5. RememberMe Bible Verses Memory (FREE)
*Listen to verses
*Study flashcards and play word puzzles
*Obfuscate a passage and fills in the gaps
*First letter and placeholder methods
*Line by line practice
*Daily reminders
*Flashcard widget for your home screen
*Numerous Bible translations
*More than 100 verses preloaded

Best Prayer Apps

Christian Droid AppsChristian Android Apps7. Prayer Journal ($0.99)
*Keep a running list of topics that you are praying about
*Share entries or the entire journal with friends (email/text messaging)
*Set notifications to remind you to pray for the topic.
*Upload journal to Google Docs.
*When you feel you have reached an answer to your prayer topic(s), mark them as answered and keep them available for later viewing, to remind yourself of God’s goodness to you in those requests.

Which apps for spiritual growth would you add to the list?

To read the remainder of the post, head over to Do Not Depart.

– Joyce

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