DIY: “Getting to Know You” Board Game

For our in-home date night (Be Curious Together), I made this board game for us to play. Instead of going down a list and asking each other questions, we used the “board” to get to know each other more.


  • Cardstock (paper will do too)
  • Brad and paper clip (or dice)
  • List of questions (cut up into strips)
  • 2 playing pieces (I used felt to make 2 little hearts)

Directions for DIY Board

  1. Find a blank game board template online. I used THIS ONE.
  2. Copy and paste onto a new Word document (or Publisher or whatever).
  3. Make the squares different colors for topics or just type/write down the topics on the squares. (I chose our family’s favorite colors. I used 4 colors because I had 4 topic…you can do more.)
  4. Print out the board game onto cardstock (or paper).
  5. Make a list of questions, or print them out from a website like THIS ONE.
  6. Print out the questions.
  7. Cut the individual questions out.
  8. Put the brad and paper clip in the middle of the board. (Unless you’re using a dice…)

Directions for playing the game

  1. Start anywhere.
  2. During a player’s turn, they spin the paper clip.
  3. Move the number of spaces indicated.
  4. Pick a question from the corresponding pile of questions.
  5. Answer the question.
  6. The other player takes a turn.
  7. Continue until all questions are answered.

I will probably print more questions to answer for the next time we play.

Here is A PRINTABLE of the board I made along with the questions I used from the above website. If you end up printing this out and playing it, let me know how it goes.

What other creative dates have you gone on?

– Joyce

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