DIY: Valentine’s Cards

I made these Valentine’s cards for Melody’s class. All I did was do a google search on “Valentine mazes” or “heart mazes”. Then I copied and pasted them on a Word document. I added the text “You’re A-maze-ing” and then printed them out. I think Melody wrote her friends’ names, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, and “Love, Melody” on the cards. The kids really seemed to like them. I had tried to find something more creative on Pinterest, but I’m not really crafty enough to make those.

Melody forgot to bring them on the day we had the exchange, but she did remember the chocolate-covered spoons that I made that morning.

I forgot to take a photo of the Valentine’s that Emily gave out, but basically, I did a google search on “Valentine heart” or “heart clipart” (you don’t want to just search ‘heart’ because you’ll probably come up with a lot of human heart pictures/images, and that’s not what you want, and if you do, I’m fine with your rolling that way). Then, I had her choose the hearts that she liked and did the ‘copy and paste’ thing. I wasn’t patient enough to have her do the name-writing, so I did it. She gave them out and it seemed like some of the kids liked them, and some just liked to chew on them. haha! The nursery goes from baby to preschooler. =p

Now, if I can remember where I put those treats that they got. 😉

– Joyce

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