Testing Testing 1 2 3


Okay, so I never do things like this because normally it’s not worth my trouble to go to these things, but Norm had some time off this week, so when I received the email asking for parent testers for Leapfrog, I put in the times I would be available. (Sorry, was that a run-on sentence?) I had signed up awhile back when a friend sent me the info, thinking I would never go in, but was really just tempted by the free stuff compensation for my time. They had sent 2 other invitations to test sessions…once I wasn’t available at all that week and another I was only available for one time slot, so they picked others who were more flexible I guess.

Anyway, it was quite the adventure today because Norm had dropped me off at Leapfrog and took Melody to Guitar Center (which just opened in Emeryville). According to Melody, “I had the most fun time ever!” I got to test out a new Leapfrog device that they will possibly put on the market. After that, Melody showed me Guitar Center for a few minutes, and we headed to Public Market to pick up some lunch. It was an interesting place. And then after that, we headed over to my brother’s workplace for a visit.

It was a fun, adventurous day, trying something new (Product testing! Food testing might be in my future. =p) and going somewhere new as well.

– Joyce

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