Date Night Attempt

After the Date Night Challenge, we were trying to figure out a date for the 2nd date night. We figured that President’s Day would work since we could drop the girls off with Norm’s parents and head out to do our “Reminisce Together” date. But….it didn’t work out. Emily ended up not feeling well yesterday morning. I hung out at home with her while Norm took Melody to my parents’ house for a family gathering during lunchtime since my dad’s cousin is visiting from Singapore.

The challenge was to have 3 dates in 3 weeks, so if we put it off any longer, it would be stretched out, which is fine if I wasn’t such a rule-follower. =p The first date was the MOPS & Pops Night (Date #1: Play and Laugh Together). We decided to make it an in-home date for after the girls went to bed. We didn’t have any big plans, but we went with the Date Night Challenge website’s Date #2, which was “Be Curious Together”.

Instead of just reading a list of questions and answering them, I wanted to make it a little more fun. While Norm and Melody were out and Emily was taking a nap, I did a quick DIY “Getting to Know You” board game with questions.

Norm made some hot chocolate for himself and some chamomile tea for me. I got my big ol’ bag of TJ’s corn puffs, and we were all set. I know, we are so romantic. Be jealous.

It was a fun time getting to know each other more, and just hanging out without keeping busy with other things, or trying to get through a to-do list, etc. We’ve always loved to play board games when were dating. I know, we are party animals over here.

From the photo, the game looks pretty self-explanatory, but I think I will do a mini tutorial if anyone who is interested.

Have you had any creative date nights lately?

– Joyce

5 thoughts on “Date Night Attempt

  1. Firstly, Yes! A mini-tutorial of how to make the game would be awesome. Secondly, you two are just the type of party animals that Josh and I are. haha! In home date nights are our favorite too…we don’t have to dress up or pay for a really fancy dinner, it’s perfect. 🙂

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