Why I Would Make a Horrible Burglar

It was a typical Thursday morning.

We had gone to the library for storytime.

After storytime, we stopped by the post office to send something out of the country (although we found out later that we didn’t need to pay for any special postage).

Image Source: yelp

Then, we decided a trip to the Chinese bakery would be in order since we hadn’t been there in awhile.

Image Source: yelp

Then after we were all ready to go in the car, Melody says she has to use the bathroom. We had one more stop to make to pick up something for her birthday party. I don’t remember seeing that it was a place where we could use the bathroom, so I checked that I had the key to my parents’ house. I did.

Let’s go.

We got there, and I even said to myself, “I wonder if they have the alarm on.”

So we got there, and I set our stuff down.

*Ring* *Ring* <— Just imagine this being super duper loud along with 2 kids that were shouting at me…

Image Source: merchant circle

I gave my dad a call, but he probably couldn’t hear me and I could barely hear him with the alarm going and the kids shouting. Note that the child that needed to use the bathroom, was trying to figure out if she was still supposed to use the bathroom with the alarm going.

I decided to make a run for it, and head over to where my dad was, evidently at a restaurant I have never been to. Another story for another day. As I pack the kids up to head out, I’m still waiting for the cops to show up, and ask me what’s going on. I guess the neighbors who were around figured out that a smart burglar wouldn’t bring 2 kids with her to rob a home, and didn’t call the police on me. I had called my dad back and he finally figured out what I was saying, the alarm was finally turned off, and I guess it was time for lunch.

So this was my experience as a burglar. I would probably make a horrible burglar because 1) I would need a key to get in, 2) it’s not a good idea to burglarize homes with 2 kids in tow, 3) I would take me forever to take anything (if you have ever shopped with me, you know I am a horrible decision-maker, and 4) well, I’m too much of a goody-goody to really ever take anything from anyone (I even feel like I’m ripping someone off when I get freebies/samples). Case in point: There was no price tag on an item I purchased recently and I told the girl the exact price I saw on another of the same item. Luckily, she didn’t want to go check the price so she scanned the bar code book for the item and it was $2 less than what I said. See, it does pay to be honest sometimes. =)

In searching for the burglar clipart, I came upon this interesting slideshow.

What would make you a horrible burglar?

– Joyce

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