San Francisco Symphony

Here is another blog post by Melody. I inserted the photos and she told me what she wanted as the captions. I wrote it out on a piece of scratch paper, and she typed in the captions. I typed up the summary of her experience, but she did the captions. Enjoy!

by Melody
I went with my homeschool group to the San Francisco Symphony last Wednesday. We took the BART train there. We heard a lot of music. I liked the can-can song. Can you do the can-can? :p I really liked the flute. Brenda’s was too crowded for lunch, so we went to Round Table, but it was too full. So we went to Burger King instead because it was next to it.

My first BART ride

standing on the BART

walking with friends

the symphony

the whole symphony togeher

inside the symphony


davies symphony hall

on the BART with yee -yee

4 thoughts on “San Francisco Symphony

  1. Please tell Melody that I LOVED this post πŸ™‚ Those photos of the girls standing on BART are completely adorable! What a fun homeschool outing!

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