Hello Mornings: Ready, Set, Go

Today is the first day of the winter challenge, so I’m trying to remind myself of a few things I’ve learned from the past challenges to help me ease into waking up earlier.

Get Ready
PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!! Every time a new session of the Hello Mornings challenge is about to begin, I always feel like there is some kind of spiritual warfare going on. Something happens to distract or prevent me from trying to get started. We can’t do this alone. We need God and we need each other.

Get Set
Remember to set your alarm(s). Take baby steps to reach your final wake-up goal time. I move my time up by 5 minutes every week. So…if I want to wake up 5 minutes earlier, I have to also go to bed 5 minutes earlier. I read that when we hit that snooze button and sleep for another few minutes that it actually makes us more tired. I will have to think about that before trying to catch a few more Zzzzzs. And another little sleep tidbit I read somewhere (I really need to remember where I get all this stuff), is that if you fall asleep too quickly when you are in bed, it means you are too exhausted. Recalculate how much sleep you actually need to be well-rested and functional.

Get Going
…to bed!!


5 thoughts on “Hello Mornings: Ready, Set, Go

    • Yesterday was great…today, not so much. Hope I don’t fall asleep when the kids do tonight. I always end up waking up in the middle of the night not able to fall back to sleep again.

    • Yup, because you end up fall asleep briefly and then being awaken again and again. I forgot the exact reason for it, but it’s something like that…

      Yes, I am doing the Psalm study too. I love the method that Katie has to go with the studies. It helps me to really dig into the Scriptures more.

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