Melody-ism: Bookworm

I do love this girl so so much. She is my encourager and my inspiration. She received a devotional for Christmas from Norm’s brother and future sis-in-law. There is only one page per day, but she just loves to read through a few pages anyway. This is where I can find her in the mornings when she wakes up before I do..snuggled on the couch reading. Sometimes it’s the devotional (what better way to start the day), sometimes it’s another book. She just got into The Boxcar Children at a recommendation of a fellow homeschooling friend, and she finished the book in 3 days. She just loves to read. She takes on these crazy challenges of reading 13-chapter books. =p She definitely challenges me to be a better me, that’s for sure. “You can do it, Mommy.” I can’t believe my baby is almost 5!! Sorry this is a random post/thought. I’m lacking in words lately….it’s probably from the lack of sleep…

– Joyce

3 thoughts on “Melody-ism: Bookworm

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