Who Dunnit?

Oh boy, another adventure that I didn’t mean to have…

It was 6:07pm Tuesday night. I heard a noise. I thought it was Norm coming home. I look at the clock. His train doesn’t come in until 6:10pm, so it wasn’t him. I asked the girls if they knew what it was. Nope. I go to look outside. It’s dark so I don’t see anything. Hmm…maybe something fell? I see the bike on the floor, and I think maybe it was that. The heat was on and the microwave was going and the girls were playing. I hear Emily move the chair, which makes a loud noise. Maybe it was that?

It wasn’t until morning that Norm saw this…

A big rock (it’s about the size of my fist)

…and this: a broken window

Luckily, no one was hurt.

Need to get this fixed.

Really soon.

It makes me mad that people do things like this for no reason. Grrr…

I wasn’t sure what the next course of action was, but our insurance agent and a few other people advised us to file a police report anyway. So yesterday evening, Deputy W. came and took note of what happened.

Besides,  minor cracks on car windshields due to rock or debris from the freeway, this is probably my first close encounter with a broken window. It was also a first time we’ve had a police officer in our home. The girls were intrigued by the flashing lights on the sheriff’s car. Deputy W told me some things to do but I’m not sure I follow….he said that the next time I hear a noise, go out and see who it is. And…make sure that I always keep the doors locked. Wait, then how do I go out and see who it is, and what if they have a big rock to throw at me?

– Joyce

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6 thoughts on “Who Dunnit?

  1. oh my word! How awful for someone to do that!! I’m glad you all were safe though. And I totally laughed at your comment about keeping the door locked, but then going out to check the noise. haha!

  2. can’t believe it! glad everyone was okay. people are crazy! call up mr. yu. he’ll fix up the window for you in no time.

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