Our Week in Photos (Week 52 of 52)

*Christmas potluck lunch in SF with Norm’s fam
*Christmas service @ church
*(Day-after) Christmas lunch @ Ming’s with my fam
*Sulphur Creek storytime @ the library and playdate
*My sis and BIL had a sleepover with the girls
*Dinner with Norm’s cousins (back from Thailand) and cousin’s cousins
WEEK 52 OF 52 album (No way! 2011 is almost over…that was fast…)

*Hanging out with Norm’s cousins, BIL, and future SIL

This Week’s Post
*Where, Oh Where, Have Our Shoeboxes Gone?
*Merry Christmas!!
*Happy Holidays!
*Change Your Password(s)
*What We’re Eating: Hawaiian Sweet Roll Ham Sammies
*O Christmas Tree
*Solar LED Christmas Lights

Wow, what a week! It has been an awesome year (minus a few days). I guess I’ll end it at that. Happy new year everyone!! For auld lang syne, and all that good stuff. See you in 2012!

– Joyce

Photos by Joyce Moy, Dec 24, 2011

Vodpod videos no longer available.

5 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 52 of 52)

    • can you thank jw for sharing her snickerdoodle recipe? much better than the other recipe we tried last year. it was super fun. will have to sleep over at your place again sometime. we have to play just dance.

  1. hello! it was so fun to look at your pictures! ooh melody and emily are adorable 😀 the books are from both len and me 🙂 i think i noticed that you just mentioned my name..hehe. we’re excited to see that the girls like our gifts to them! oh yeah, and we also thought about how melody might want to read her devotional all in one day too! hehe

    • hi bonnie, yes, i noticed that too when the girls were writing their thank you notes. =p usually i upload the photos and caption them all at once, but i was doing a few here and there, and some late at night too. see you guys later.

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