Happy Holidays!

…and another for good measure…we seriously couldn’t decide on a photo to put on our Christmas photo card, and weren’t too thrilled with anything after looking through all the photos that we have from this year (thus the 3 photos of us in front of Christmas trees (they are 3 different trees, by the way)). Okay, fine, Norm looked through them. =p This photo is of the two of us with 2 very, very tired girls (it’s past their naptime) on Christmas Eve at Norm’s cousin’s house. Enjoy the rest of 2011!!

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6 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Cards are tough. My oldest daughter got married this summer so I thought I’d use one of our immediate family from that day, but after looking through 2000 photos there wasn’t one with just our family. Huh??? We ended up just taking one of the kids on our front porch. Maybe next year!

    Yours looks lovely!

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