Where, Oh Where, Have Our Shoeboxes Gone?

We got the email the other day.

Our shoeboxes ended up in…

I’m actually really excited about this because I was blessed to pray over the Compassion Bloggers (Kat from Inspired to Action was part of the team, I think you’ve heard her name mentioned here a few times.) this year as they were in the Philippines, and also friends from church have started Badjao Bridge, and we can see and hear more about how God is working in that place.

– Joyce

4 thoughts on “Where, Oh Where, Have Our Shoeboxes Gone?

  1. How exciting! We didn’t sign up online this year, so we don’t know where our shoeboxes went… (thanks for reminding me to read your blog… and to comment!).

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  3. Oh, that’s exciting. I almost forgot that we get to find out where our boxes ended up . So far no word yet. Last year my daughter heard from the girl who received hers in Ecuador. It made me cry!

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