‘Twas the Thursday Before Christmas

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…and all through the malls, crowds are shopping…..and I can’t think of anything because I should be sleeping. Any one want to finish the sentence for me? =p

Kat at Inspired to Action has put together a book called Maximize Your Mornings. Out of that came the Hello Mornings challenge. I just wanted to put this info out there before I register for the Hello Mornings challenge for Winter 2012. I’ve been doing this challenge since Fall 2010, and it has really helped me to be a better mom…and person (or so I’d like to think anyway =p hehe). Each season has been different, but overall, I do believe that having that time to ourselves before the kids wake up really does make the day go much smoother. (The Winter challenge has ended and obviously I am not doing well in keeping myself accountable to going to bed early. Oops! That’s why we have our groups.)

A quick rundown of what MYM is:

  1. Get out of bed
  2. Get into the Word
  3. Get moving (exercise)
  4. Get a game plan for the day

I have been an Accountability Captain for the last 2 challenges. Each of those times were for groups of women I have never met before. We had FB group pages where we did our check-ins each morning. I was hoping to be able to find a few people who I know in “real life” (more or less) to do this with. Any takers?

You can read more about the challenge on INSPIRED TO ACTION or on my page that links all my old MYM POSTS. If you have any question or want more information/details on the challenge, please email me. Registration closes on January 2nd, and I would really love to get the group together before the end of the year, let let me know! =)

– Joyce

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